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Formerly senior editor of Berkshire Living magazine and a culture contributor since 2008, Amanda Rae Busch now lives in Aspen, Colorado, where she is a contributing editor to Aspen Sojourner, food columnist at the Aspen Times Weekly, and a frequent contributor to Aspen Luxury Life, Edible Aspen, Aspen Peak, Denver's 5280 Magazine blog, and more. Though she covers all food, Colorado artisanal cheese is her favorite topic. Follow her: @amandaraewashere


The Great 28 Pairings: Cheese + Jerky

Where’s the beef? Not in these tasty snacks

coconut flakes

The Great 28 Pairings: Cheese + Coconut

Yes, we’re cuckoo for coconut chips, jam, and beer with cheese

Tea and Coffee

Cheese + Coffee

Cheese and coffee make a match you’ll melt for

Josey Pukrop, a junior majoring in Animal Science, stirs cheese into curds in the Dairy Pilot Plant October 8, 2013.

University Cheese

Want some university cheese? College students across the United States are producing top-notch wheels via innovative cheesemaking programs

Toy Sheep

The preferred playthings among Waldorf schools possess the same qualities as tasteful home decoration: simple design, natural materials, and careful craftsmanship. These miniature creatures are born of Ostheimer Wooden Toys, the beloved German company established in 1939 as an educational resource. But one doesn’t need a tot in tow to enjoy their charms. Each is […]

Sheep Pin

For the past few decades, Charlene Martin has scoped out the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been pleasantly surprised on each visit—not with the encyclopedic catalog of dairy displays, but upon discovering that her handcrafted livestock jewelry stands alone among exhibitors. “They’re unusual,” she concedes of her swirled, abstract sheep pins, a […]

Sheepy Heating Pad

Forgo sloppy water bottles and inconvenient electric blankets in favor of a microwaveable heating pad—one disguised as a furry friend, that is. Maine Warmers are sewn of soft, hypoallergenic Berber and stuffed with faintly fragrant corn kernels to fashion a microwaveable package that can help alleviate aches and pains with ease. Snuggle up!     […]

Sustainable Sheep

One doesn’t need a reminder that times are tougher than ever, but it is worth repeating that being an agent of goodwill has never been easier. Do a good deed for an impoverished family (and your conscience): sponsor a healthy sheep (or a heifer, goat, or water buffalo, for that matter) like this one through […]

Lambswool Duster

Be a spring-cleaning machine with help from the ultimate sidekick: an old-fashioned lambswool duster. These debris-swiping superstars have been favored for centuries thanks to their naturally lanolin-laced fibers that generate static electricity and effectively snatch up dust and dirt.        Various sizes are $10 – $20 from Lemans and Amazon.