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Musical Chairs or How to choose a Site?

When Rose and I first spoke about their cheesemaking plans, she explained that one of the big obstacles was that they had not yet found an appropriate place on the estate to build the dairy. A couple of places had been proposed. She had her favourite. Neither one was without its problems. One of them, […]

chevre, yogurt, and mesophilic starter cultures in plastic zip-top bags from New England Cheesemaking Supply

The Many Mysteries of Cheese Starter Cultures

What is a cheese starter culture and what are the pros and cons of the different types?

Creme Fraiche Heaven

I may be biased, but I have to hold my hands up and say that I think that the Crème Fraiche made by Neal’s Yard Creamery is easily the best I have ever tasted. Since leaving London it’s been missing from my life and I had just about kidded myself that I didn’t miss it all that much, until […]

Finn, the Great White Cheese

Finn, an organic, double cream lactic-set cow’s milk cheese, made by Charlie and Haydn of Neal’s Yard Creamery, may look a little familiar to any Zingermans Creamery customers as it closely resembles theirManchester cheese. While different pastures, milk, breed of cows, and the natural recipe adjustments all cheesemakers use to personalise their cheeses will set the two apart, they […]