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Articles written by Cary Spector

Cary is a BFA Writing, Literature and Publishing Major at Emerson College. When not enjoying the luxuries of cheese and other dairy, he can most likely be found making guacamole. "If there are avocados, there will be guac,” as he always says.

Farm Animal: Dutch Belted Cows

These high-producing cows are returning from near extinction.

New Baby? Get Some “Groaning Cheese”!

British mongers/parents are trying to bring an old tradition back to life—let’s make it happen!

Pure Unprocessed American: Dairyland USA

In this last post, we move into the beating heart of cheese in America: Wisconsin.

Pure Unprocessed American: Dairy Do-Right and the Vermonties

The state based around farming and cooperation.

Pure Unprocessed American: A Brief Overview of the Deep South

A quick glimpse into the south and its budding cheese culture.

Pure Unprocessed American: Washington and Jackson

The vast lands of Washington state and the cheese it makes and it breaks.

What’s Up Chuck? Mouse House in Disrepair

Nothing is too wild at Chuck E. Cheese.

Pure Unprocessed American: California Chèvre-ing

This week on Pure Unprocessed American we focus in on the state of California, Laura Chenel, and the rise of American Chèvre!