Chase Morgan for culture: the word on cheese
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Chase grew up in Southern California surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. As an infant, he was adopted into a large family where he enjoyed making great food with his father. After college, he backpacked through Europe for five weeks and became infatuated with European cheeses. Two years ago, with his daughter just months from being born, Chase quit his office job and found part-time work at a local cheese shop. He spent the better part of a year working two jobs to make ends meet until he became a full-time cheesemonger. Since then he has become obsessed with discovering new cheeses, learning the history of different cheeses, providing proper care for cheese, and pairing cheese with drinks … as well as sharing his love with daughter Emmeline, son Chase, and Fiancé Dana. He participated in the CMI in San Francisco this winter and would love the chance to compete again this summer.