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Articles written by Liz Nerud

In 1988 Liz Nerud was began working in the catering department of Lunds, but was was very pleased to soon be promoted and start training in Specialty Cheese. It has been a marvelous journey! Learning Cheese is like learning a language. First you learn a few nouns, then some verbs, throw in a few adjectives and pretty soon you can speak a whole sentence, a paragraph, and even write a brilliant essay about Comte. (Which was a critic's darling, but rejected by the Academy.) With Cheese there is always more vocabulary to acquire, more tales to tell.

Humboldt Fog Cheese with fresh pears and a salad

The Joy Of Cheesemongering

From the curating of the case, to merchandising, handling and romancing, all these are the skills of the cheesemonger; Cheesemongering is our pleasure