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Articles written by Courtney Hollands

Former editor Courtney Hollands came to culture with more than a decade of experience writing and editing for magazines, newspapers, and the web. She started her career as a small-town reporter and has covered everything from fashion and travel, to music and beer for Boston magazine, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, even Rolling Stone.

Chef’s Dish: Maine Attraction

Portland, Maine-based Central Provisions frequently wows its patrons with unique – and delicious- offerings.

cheese plate with tomatoes

Cheese Plate: You Say Tomato

A Los Angeles monger-sister duo pairs the summery fruits with curds of all kinds

maple syrup

The Great 28 Pairings: Cheese + Maple

Sappy, satisfying pairings feature cheese and maple syrups, cream, and crisps

Dairy Treasure: Cheese and More in the Azores

For cheese with a taste of place, set a course for Portugal’s verdant Azores.

Pint Perfection: 6 Amazing Cheese Ice Creams

Yes, cheese ice cream is a thing, and it is absolutely delicious.

Work of Art: Rosa Maria Puts Nebraska on the Map

Charuth Van Beuzekom of Dutch Girl Creamery has been perfecting her masterpiece

Artifact Finders

Meet two Boston-area sisters with a lifelong passion for culinary collectibles

Cheese Plate: Bushel Buddies

The orchard’s bounty meets its match in cheeses selected by a Seattle monger.

Voicings: Heather Paxson

Heather Paxson, Anthropologist, author of The Life of Cheese, and MIT professor, sits down with editor Courtney Hollands to talk about cheese