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Imported Cheese

New Campaign To Appreciate Imported Cheese

“I Love Imported Cheese” campaign launched by the Cheese Importers Association of America, is aimed at familiarizing Americans with more varieties of cheese.

blu di bufala

Cheese Of The Day: Blu di Bufala

Blu di Bufala is an Italian buffalo’s milk blue cheese. A mellow sweetness and slight tang make it a great introductory blue cheese! Pair with sweet wine and dark chocolate.

prairie tomme

Cheese Of The Day: Prairie Tomme

Inspired by Alpine-style cheeses like Gruyère and Gouda, Prairie Tomme is a hard sheep’s milk cheese with nutty flavors and earthy aromas. Slip it into a grilled cheese or melt into fondue.


Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Fatteh

Panzanella’s Middle Eastern cousin, Fatteh, gets a new lease of life with generous fava beans stew and heaps of feta.

petite breakfast

Cheese Of The Day: Petite Breakfast

Petite Breakfast is a creamier take on Marin French Cheese’s Breakfast Cheese, a classic California Brie. Make breakfast better by spreading this creamy cheese onto bagels or toast.

hudson flower

Cheese Of The Day: Hudson Flower

Hudson Flower is a sheep’s milk cheese that tastes like early fall: It has robust aromas of flowers and pine, and a rich, milky interior.

sriracha gouda

Cheese Of The Day: Sriracha Gouda

Fan of spicy food, you’ll love Sriracha Gouda. Sriracha spice blend is added to the milk for a spicy cheese with a punch of heat. Try it to spice up your next grilled cheese.

snowmass raclette

Cheese Of The Day: Snowmass

Inspired by raclette, the great melted cheese of the Alps, Snowmass is perfect when broiled and scraped onto potatoes. The best meal on a cold day!