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Artist Draws Upon Nature (Literally) to Create Original Cheese Boards

With a passion for farm-to-table meals, an eco-conscience, and a photographer’s eye for the overlooked picture, California artist Lauren Berley-Chidiac is always on the lookout for discarded, quality pieces of wood with distinctive grain patterns, knotholes, or other “imperfections.” “Knotholes are a bonus,” Lauren says, “as they lend themselves to a multitude of images.” These […]

Make Cheese At Home: Start with the right tools

“Home cheesemaking” sounds like an epic endeavor, and indeed, it’s slightly more involved than popping a Hot Pocket in the microwave for a midnight snack. The results, however, are infinitely more exciting than a grease-leaking instant meal and will wow the socks off your friends. Opening a cheesemaking book, you’ll find that you probably don’t […]

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