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Articles written by Jessica Mandelbaum

With a BA in Anthropology, as well as her current work towards a MA in Gastronomy, Jessica offers a distinct and eclectic perspective to the culture team. When she’s not writing about the multi-sensorial perception of flavor or force-feeding her loved ones cheese-laden meals, Jessica can be found practicing yoga, gardening, reading, hiking or spending quality time with her dog-daughter, Emmie.


Cauliflower n’ Cheese

What do Pinterest feeds, restaurant menus, and Trader Joe’s have in common? They’re all chock-full of cauliflower. The cold-weather vegetable has taken the food world by storm, appearing in roasted form on small plates and as a carb-light replacement in everything from mashed potatoes and pizza crust to mac and cheese and cake. It may […]

Kaune’s Neighborhood Market

Shop Talk: Kaune’s Neighborhood Market, Albuquerque, NM.

Kaune’s Neighborhood Market has been providing home delivery for years, allowing staff to develop close ties with elderly and otherwise homebound customers.

Mazzaro's Italian Market

Shop Talk: Mazzaro’s Italian Market, St. Petersburg, Fl.

Mazzaro’s Italian Market offers in-house roasted coffee, house-made fresh pasta, and sausage. And what isn’t housemade comes from across the pond in Italy.

oh mamma's

Shop Talk: Oh Mamma’s On The Avenue, Ind.

Besides 300 cheese from various makers, Oh Mamma’s on the Avenue also sells its own wedges and wheels under the brand ‘J2K Capraio’.

the better cheddar

Shop Talk: The Better Cheddar, Kansas City, MO.

The Better Cheddar in Kansas City and Prairie Village is a one-stop gourmet store—with cheese, accompaniments and even events.

109 cheese & wine

Shop Talk: 109 Cheese& Wine, Kent and Ridgefield, Conn.

For the owners of 109 Cheese & Wine, it’s the passion for food and wine and bringing them together that keeps them going.

Laliberte cheese by Canada's Fromagerie de Presbystère

Health Canada Proposes Warning Labels on Cheese

The dairy industry and some food manufacturers are voicing their disagreement with the proposed regulation