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Laurel is a contributing editor at culture and a food and travel writer based in Colorado.

Remembering Blackberry Farm’s Sam Beall

Contributing Editor Laurel Miller looks back at the man and his good work

Whey-fed pigs at Jasper hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farm Collaborates on Pastured Pig Program

Feeding pigs leftover whey from cheesemaking makes for some tasty bacon and eliminates waste to boot!

Nepal, Cheese, and How to Help Out

Culture contributing editor Laurel Miller—on assignment in the Kathmandu Valley—misses the quake by a day.

rock mountain high cheeseplate

Cheese Plate: Rocky Mountain High

This cheese plate from a Denver cheesemonger showcases the diversity of high-altitude cheeses and accompaniments

Andrew Zimmern of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods

Voicings: Andrew Zimmern

Although best known as the affable host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, Chef Andrew Zimmern is also a dedicated philanthropist, educator, and activist

Paraguayan Corn and Cheese Soufflé (Chipa Guazú)

Paraguayan Corn & Cheese Soufflé (Chipa Guazú)

Each Paraguayan family has its own recipe for chipa guazú – corn and cheese soufflé – usually kept in the matriarch’s head; but all versions of this cheesy dish yield tasty results

Inmate carrying goats while wearing a prison jumpsuit at Skyline correctional Facility goat dairy in Colorado

Prison Labor and Goat Dairies: A Response (Part 2)

In the second part of her response to a recent Jezebel article, Laurel Miller discusses prison animal-assisted programs’ benefits to both inmates and society

Skyline Correctional Center goat dairy

Prison Labor and Goat Dairies: A Response

Culture contributing editor Laurel Miller discusses prison labor and goat dairies in her response to a recent Jezebel article