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Leslie Orlandini is a chef and an accomplished food stylist in print and television. She has been nominated for both James Beard and Emmy awards and is a veteran of thousands of cooking shows and segments. You can learn more about her through her website: http://leslieorlandini.com/

Indian Sweet Crepes (Patishapta)

Indian Sweet Crepes (Patishapta)

A Hindu celebration of the harvest, Sankranti is an occasion on which sweet and savory rice flour crepes known as Patishapta are eaten

Sweet Farmer’s Cheese Balls (Roshagullas)

Sweet Farmer’s Cheese Balls (Roshagullas)

Roshagullas, simple golf ball-size sweets created by kneading and forming farmer’s cheese into a ball and boiling it, are one of the most widely eaten sweets in India

Molasses and Mango Nut Balls (Gurer Sandesh)

Molasses and Mango Nut Balls (Gurer Sandesh)

Sandesh, simple sweet cheese balls, are the Bengali lifeblood, and there are confectionery shops on practically every corner that prove it

Coconut-Covered Sweet Cheese Logs (Cham Chams)

Coconut Cham Chams

Cham chams are among the most vibrant of Bengali sweets. Frequently colored in hues of pink and yellow, these oblong treats are covered in coconut powder

Indian Rice Pudding (Payesh) by Radhika of Just Homemade

Indian Rice Pudding (Payesh)

Payesh is a special occasion food in the Bengal province of India. While birthday cake rules supreme in the west, in Bengal this Indian rice pudding is king

Aged White Cheddar and Cider Fondue

Aged White Cheddar & Cider Fondue

A mix of cheddars lends this Aged White Cheddar and Cider Fondue its silky texture and nutty flavor

Shepherd's Fondue

Shepherd’s Fondue

Three sheep’s milk cheeses—gouda, Ossau-Iraty, and P’tit Basque—combine for a creamy flavor and texture in Shepherd’s Fondue

Asiago, Sage, and Walnut Fondue

Asiago, Sage, & Walnut Fondue

This Asiago, Sage, and Walnut Fondue, made with creamy Asiago Pressato cheese, is mild and sweet with nutty tones

Classic Swiss Fondue

Classic Swiss Fondue

Enjoy a delicious tradition with this Classic Swiss Fondue, featuring Swiss cheeses, wine, garlic, and nutmeg

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