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Mallory Scyphers is culture's Creative Director.

From Great Depression to Got Milk: Untangling the History of Government Cheese

Popular “Don’t Be A Tourist” blogger Messy Nessy has plunged into the history of the United States government cheese program which dates back to the Great Depression as part of the New Deal. The program, aimed at aiding struggling farmers and providing food assistance to low-income individuals, purchased surplus dairy products—particularly cheese—to stabilize agricultural prices […]

Tailgating with Cheese

Fall in Love With These Four Cheese Plates, Just in Time for Sweater Weather

These cheese plates will help you savor fall flavors as leaves change and the air turns crisp. Celebrate the the season from creating a cheesy tailgating board or apple themed cheese plate, to foraging food in forests as accompaniments or cozying up with friends enjoying cheese by a warm fire. A tailgating cheese plate for […]

Carr Valley Celebrates 140 Years of Cheesemaking

Family traditions run deep in America’s Dairyland as Carr Valley commemorates 14 decades of cheesemaking. Sid Cook, a fourth generation master cheesemaker, followed the footsteps of his great-great-uncle Ed Leply who began cheesemaking in southwestern Wisconsin in 1883. Inspired by Ed, in 1944 Sid’s parents, Sam and Merna Cook, bought the Irish Valley factory, a […]