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Articles written by Marissa Donovan

Marissa Donovan is a former upstate New York girl living in a cheese-centric world. Although cheese is her day one, she doesn’t discriminate, as she adores all food. Similar to what Beyoncé advises, she likes food so much she put a degree on it—she’s a registered dietitian and master’s student in the nutrition communication program at Tufts. When she’s not filling her head with food info, she’s filling her belly with food and, as always, trying to bring up cheese in casual conversation.

Farm Animal: Saanen Goats

These sweet-natured caprines’ high milk yield makes them a favorite for dairy farmers

goat's and cow's milk gouda on shelves at Dutch cheese shop

Cheese Thieves Strike Again

Dutch cheese thieves make out with hundreds of cheeses from at least three separate farms.

Milk Pesticide from the ’80s and Parkinson’s Risk

Heptachlor epoxies, a pesticide found in milk in the ’80s, could be tied to increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Cheese Smugglers with Mozzarella Mafia Go to Jail

Charges finally faced after a 2012 cheese smuggling ring was taken down.

“Night Milk” Is a Thing, and Could Help You Sleep

Could milk from cows milked during the night help you sleep?

The A–Z of Cheese Nutrition: Conclusion

I know it’s cheesy, but I’m going to miss this blog series.

The A–Z of Cheese Nutrition: NYC Takes on Sodium Labeling

NYC roles out a new sodium menu labeling policy.

5 Wonderful Ways to Cheese Up Your Thanksgiving

Five ways to incorporate cheese into you Thanksgiving favorites.