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Articles written by Rachel E. McLean

Rachel is an editorial intern at culture for Spring 2017. She is Junior at Boston University studying Journalism and Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Known as "the cheese queen" among friends, she's had a passion for fromage from a young age.

A Sharp Story: Why Are Some Cheddars Naturally Lactose Free?

Yes, whey. Lactose free eaters can enjoy cheddar too.

Farm Animal: Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Gulf Coast sheep breed nearly year-round. Given their wild origins, the sheep are fairly independent and may be wary of people.

Sam Rollins of Provisions Market Hall in Eugene, Oregon

Shop Talk: Provisions Market Hall in Eugene, Ore.

Cheesemonger Sam Rollins shares his favorite cheesy memory and wine and cheese pairing

Cheese Cave in Cheddar England

A Sharp Story: The Origin of Cheddar

Have you ever wondered how cheddar cheese came to be?

Corti Brothers

Shop Talk: Corti Brothers in Sacramento, Calif.

Corti Brothers operations manager Shaun Freeman talks cheese memories and pet peeves

Laurel Lather of The Market in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Shop Talk: The Market in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Laurel Lather, owner of The Market in Sioux Falls, on her cheese pet peeve, favorite pairing, and the strangest customer request.

Cheese Boutique in Toronto, Canada

Shop Talk: Cheese Boutique in Toronto, Canada

It’s a family affair spanning three generations at this Toronto cheese shop


A Sharp Story: How is Cheddar Made?

How is making cheddar different from making other cheeses?