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Veronique is based in San Francisco, where she actively involved with the California Artisan Cheese Guild and her blog, Miss Cheesemonger. she began her cheese blog in September 2009, when she started working in a Southern California cheese shop as a cheesemonger. That gig lasted one glorious year, but the blog continues at www.misscheesemonger.com. She is in the process of switching careers to work full time in cheese and specialty foods, ideally in import/export work! If you are social media-inclined, she's on Twitter at @msscheesemonger and on the Facebook page Miss Cheesemonger.

The stamped rind of a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano: The Cheesy Breakdown

Veronique Kherian of Miss Cheesemonger reflects on breaking down her first wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Visiting the Normandy Countryside of France

Knowing the environment a cheese is made is a key part to understanding a cheese. That’s why I love visiting Normandy, France, where many of my favorite cheeses are made!

Town of Camembert in France

Cheese Name Debates Between the US and EU

What’s all the fuss between the U.S. and E.U. around cheese names? Miss Cheesemonger jumps into the fray

I Inhaled. It Wasn’t Pretty.

One woman’s plans are dashed by on unassuming bite of bread

Munching on Gruyère in Gruyères

This year is a great year of European travel for me. I am visiting Switzerland, Germany, France, and England, so you can be sure I will be writing and tasting plenty! I update my Facebook and Twitter (@msscheesemonger) daily, and you can see more of my writings on my blog,Miss Cheesemonger/. The day I arrived […]

Roaming the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

This year, I had the pleasure of working the Culture Magazine station at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, one of the largest specialty food shows around. Culture was tucked away as part of the World’s Best Cheeses booth, so I was happily nestled amongst some excellent food and people. Luckily, I was able to sample my way […]

North Bay Curds & Whey’s Nameless Buffalo and Goat Masterpiece

Ever since Alissa Shethar, cheesemaker at North Bay Curds & Whey in Berkeley, announced that she was going to make buffalo milk cheese, I have been in a state of frenzied anticipation. Thank goodness she and I are both on the regulatory affairs committee of the California Artisan Cheese Guild! She was generous to bring in a wheel […]

A Foray into Beer and Cheese Pairing

Cypress Grove gets tipsy

Behind the Scenes at Bellwether Farms

Hello, readers! I am SO excited about this blog post because today, my photographer buddy Gavin and I teamed up to bring you a behind the scenes look at one of my favorite cheesemakers: Bellwether Farms, maker of delectable sheep’s milk yogurts, scrumptious cheeses, and my favorite basket ricottas! They also make jersey cow’s milk cheeses, including their […]