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Will Fertman is a writer and food business entrepreneur living in Berkeley, CA. A former staff writer and web manager for culture, Will wrote the Ruminations column for the magazine and spent lots of time wrangling social media. Today Will is the Director of Content and co-founder at the monger, a data-driven platform for the specialty food industry, supplying accountable information and transactions for producers, distributors, retailers, foodservice and consumers.

Rick's Picks Smokra: Three pieces of pickled okra with paprika on a white background

Pairing Cheese and Pickled Vegetables

Elemental products of fermentation, pickled vegetables and cheese make a natural pairing

Beemster XO vs. the Nerds

Tasting Tuesdays have become a regular feature over at the Boston office, and when they asked me to pitch in, of course I said yes. It didn’t hurt that they were sending me Beemster’s XO Gouda, which is one of my avowedly favorite cheeses. XO is aged 26 months, and has a wonderful grainy texture because […]

Kissy Cow

I’m sure a lot of you hear this when you see this video. But I hear this. Look for major tounge-python actcion at :23! Found via Cute Overload, ‘natch.

Parmigiano and Butternut Squash Soup (aka, Stone Soup, Winter Edition)

Out here in the Bay Area, networking is what it’s all about. Erin, the office manager here at culture’s west coast office, ended up with a couple loose Parmigiano-Reggiano rinds from yours truly. During our recent cold snap (40 degrees!) she decided to hybridize a Parm’ broth recipe I picked up from Jordan’s Kitchen with her […]

33 Pieces of Cheese

Keep your cheese notes organized using one-of-a-kind flavor wheels, texture meters, and more with a pocket dairy, perfect for a trip abroad or to the grocery store

Boska Holland Professional Dutch Cheese Knife, X-Long

Make precise cuts from whole wheels and large wedges of cheese


Show that you’re cheese royalty in a subtle yet stylish way

Cheesemaking Kits

Cheesemaking kits are available for everything from beginner-level mascarpone to advanced blue cheese and beyond. Some of our favorites come from New England Cheesemaking Supply, The Beverage People, Urban Cheesecraft, and The Cheesemaker. Check ’em out! Starting at $15 from Cheese Making.