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Pitch Perfect

It’s no surprise, but we at culture receive far more story pitches than we’re ever able to assign. Hey, we’re not complaining! It’s great to constantly receive new ideas and options for the magazine, even if it means we also need to complete the less fun task of turning down would-be contributors.

Pitches usually come from writers, but they also are sent by people who are on the producing/sales end of things: cheesemakers, consultants, retail sales managers, publicists. It doesn’t really matter who sends in a pitch, so don’t be shy; if it’s a great idea, we’ll be sure to follow up on it.

If you’d like to get your story into print in culture , here are a few tips for submitting a successful pitch:

  • Do your research. Get to know us (you know, by reading our magazine, checking out our website, scoping out our social media platforms, reading our newsletters) before sending in your pitch. It sounds obvious, but not everyone who pitches to us has done this essential background work. Prior research is also important in order to make sure we haven’t already covered your topic.
  • Be clear and concise. The more simple and direct you can be with your pitch, the better. Make sure to let us know about all of the relevant information (the typical who, what, where, when, why and how), but try to distill it into a single paragraph or two.
  • Leave us hanging! Above all, your pitch should leave us dying to know more. Something in your pitch should stop us in our tracks and make us wonder, “How come we didn’t know about that?” and “How can we get this in the magazine?!” I know, I know: Not all topics are heart-stoppingly fascinating or exciting. But we’re in the business of telling stories, so the more intriguing and/or attention-grabbing, the better.

Katie Aberbach

Always hungry for a good story, editor Katie Aberbach brings an extensive journalism background to the culture team. Formerly a food writer and editor for the Washington Post Express, Katie works to ensure that culture’s print coverage is timely, accurate, and – of course – appetizing.

3 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect”

  1. Avatar Thalia Bell says:

    I’m interested in sending in a pitch about cheese. Where do I send it to and around how many words should it be?


    1. Avatar Thalia Bell says:

      Also, how much will I get paid for each article?

  2. Avatar Lee Avant says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m a freelance writer and I’m interested in submitting an essay for the Ruminations column.
    Are there any particular guidelines that I should be aware of when submitting for that column?

    Thank you !
    Lee Avant

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