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8 Great Pairing Beers at Let’s Talk About Cheese

The combination of beer and cheese is one of the most beautiful things on earth. From the crisp bitterness of a cold Pilsener to the exalted hoppiness of a West Coast IPA, the flavors of beer march in lockstep with the rich, creamy, lactic notes of all kinds of cheeses. Which is why we took our time and picked out some of very best brews for Let’s Talk About Cheese, a globetrotting tasting event of amazing cheeses and cheese-accompaniments held this Saturday in Boston’s Copley Square.

Check out our awesome lineup, and if you’re lurking around New England looking for a weekend adventure, buy your ticket today!

Three Philosophers by Brewery Ommegang


This Belgian-style quadruple dark ale has a secret ace up its sleeve—a touch of Liefmans Kriek, a Belgian cherry ale, adds just the right amount of fruity sweetness. Three Philosophers’ notes of roasted malt, molasses, brandied raisins and chocolate walk hand-in-hand with gooey, stinky cheeses and do New York State’s Brewery Ommegang proud.

The Calling by Boulevard Brewing


This Imperial IPA from Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Co. packs some serious heft at 8.5% ABV, but no need to fear this bad boy—pair it with a nice, warm clothbound cheddar for a seriously fun time.

Duvel Strong Ale


This Belgian strong ale from the eponymous brewery undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, allowing for higher alcohol content with big hoppy notes and a subtler bitter aftertaste. Pair with a substantial cheddar to accentuate those great flavors.

Hop Stoopid, Pils, and Maximus by Lagunitas


We got three brews from this Petaluma gem: In the red corner, standing at 8% ABV with a mouth full of floral hops… Hop Stoopid! In the blue corner, coming in a little under at 6% ABV but packing more crisp refreshment than you’ll know what to do with… the Pils! And in the… green corner? is a beer with no fear that Lagunitas calls “kinda like our IPA on steroids”… Maximus! Head for a buttery table cheese for Hop Stoopid and Maximus, and keep an eye out for wheels at the saltier end of the spectrum for the Pils.

Granola Brown Ale and Easy Rye’Da by Black Hog Brewing Co.


Believe in the Black Hog and snag a few of these tasty beers: Granola Brown is a hearty ale inspired by the wholesome grainy goodness of granola; sit down with this libation and some nutty Alpine-style cheeses and you will be in business, my friend. Easy Rye’Da is a session rya IPA, meaning big flavor that isn’t going to knock you out after two or three. Go with a grassy cheddar for this guy and live it up.

It ain’t too late to snag a ticket to Let’s Talk About Cheese—take a gander at some of the sweet classes we have on offer, and buy a ticket!

Feature Photo Credit: “Glass of light beer on a dark pub.” by Valentyn Volkov | Shutterstock

Grant Bradley

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