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Happy Ending for Baby Goat Stolen from State Fair

GusGus—possibly the cutest baby goat ever—was abducted from the Arizona State Fair this past Wednesday. NPR reports that it’s likely a fair-goer tucked this little guy in a bag or jacket and left the grounds with him. Luckily a Good Samaritan found GusGus wandering by a canal in Phoenix and dropped him off at a pet store.

Petting zoo manager Emilie Owen tells Business Insider that the goat-hero “literally saved GusGus’ life by finding him.” Since GusGus is still nursing, he cannot survive without his mother’s milk.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Terry Tang

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Terry Tang

GusGus has since been returned to his mom, Custard, who was visibly distressed since his dissappearance. The pygmy goat superstar was welcomed back to the fair with a banner, balloons, and applause. GusGus’ family, including fair staff, expressed their gratitude to all those who helped to spread the word of the young goat’s disappearance, including the hashtag #FindGusGus. The fair petting zoo plans to increase security to prevent incidents like this in the future.

Feature Photo Credit: Emilie Owen via NPR

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