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A Royally Cheesy Birthday Cake

What makes a birthday cake fit for a Queen? A seven-tier cheesecake? How about a seven-tier tower of cheese? That’s exactly what paid homage to Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her 90th birthday.

Resting atop a plate of grapes, apricots, and other colorful fruits, the seven-layer actual-cheese “cake” was delivered to a birthday event for the Queen in Munich on June 1. According to the Daily Echo, Mike Smales of Lyburn Cheese in Landford organized the construction of the centerpiece for the event, partnering with the Southampton Airport to transport it. The cake, made up of award-winning cheeses from the United Kingdom, flew from Southampton to Munich via BMI Regional Airlines.

“This has been a wonderful opportunity for the local artisan cheesemakers to team up with their bigger counterparts in a totally different part of industry and commerce, and join forces to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday in another part of Europe,” Smales told the Daily Echo.

The tower was made of Old Winchester and smoked varieties from Lyburn, mild, creamy Rosary Goat from Rosary; blue-veined, “spiky” Isle of Wight Blue from Wight Cheese at Queen Bower Dairy; sweet, nutty Sandown Tunworth Cheese from Hampshire Cheese; pungent Francis Cheese from Gold Hill Organic Farm; and rich, buttery Barkham Blue from Two Hoots Cheese.

That cake looks royally delicious. Happy birthday, Your Majesty!

Feature Photo Credit: Daily Echo

Tori Bilcik

Tori is a senior journalism major at Emerson College and a firm believer that a handful (or three) of cheese can instantly improve any dish. When she’s not scouring the artisan cheese aisle at Roche Brothers for wheels and wedges she can’t afford, she’s probably drinking tea, eating cheap pizza, or listening to sad emo punk music.

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