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Americans Can Now Define Poutine

Merriam-Webster, guardian of the American vocabulary, has admitted the word “poutine” to its prestigious tomme –er, tome (sorry — cheese on the brain!), officially acknowledging the existence of its neighbors to the north, or at least their beloved cheesy dish. “Poutine” was added into the dictionary in addition to other food items, including pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup) and turducken (lots of poultry), reports Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

It’s also recognizing what Canadians have known for decades: “Poutine is something special and worthy of ‘America’s best-selling dictionary’.” … For anyone who doesn’t know poutine, Merriam-Webster is now happy to tell you: “A dish of French fries covered with brown gravy and cheese curds.”

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Nick D'Errico

Nick D'Errico was raised in an Italian family where he developed an appreciation for good food, a fear of flying bedroom slippers, and a love of cheese. He works as an editorial intern at Culture and currently studies writing and publishing (he wanted to be an engineer, but can't do math). In his spare time, he dons 40 lbs of padding and stands in front of rubber projectiles as a hockey goalie.