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Anchor Dairy Defends the Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

Proud Mary, keep on eating. That’s how the Tina Turner classic goes, right?

Maybe not, but Anchor Dairy wants to change things up and raise more awareness for, get this, cheese sandwiches. I’ve participated in a few charity walks in my lifetime, raising awareness for some fairly noble causes, but this UK company has got me beat.

After a recent YouGov Survey discovered that 55 percent of British adults hadn’t eaten a classic cheese sandwich within the last week, Anchor Dairy couldn’t just sit back and watch their country suffer. Just like any proper activist, the company sprung into action and decided to create a national dialogue about the delectable taste of cheese sandwiches.

How will they do that? Well, Anchor Dairy developed a bus that looks like a giant sandwich to send on a journey across the country. It will be dubbed The Cheese Sandwich Needs You tour. The tour is going to start in Plymouth on February 6 and will make 100 subsequent stops as part of the #getonboard campaign. The devoted folks on board the cheese bus plan to give away thousands of cheddar cheese sandwiches to the public in order to coax taste buds back to life. There will also be flag waving and a loud speaker spreading the good word of cheddar cheese sandwiches. 

All of this may come as a surprise considering Anchor Dairy began as a butter company. But like most of us, Anchor eventually came to understand that the king of dairy goods, cheese, had to be integrated into the company. Now they make lighter mature, mature, and extra mature cheddar cheese.

Photograph of Anchor Dairy tour bus, covered in the image of a cheese sandwich.

The brand manager at Anchor said that she has noticed popularity of the cheese sandwich depleting over the years, especially with the results of the recent YouGov survey, and Anchor is on a mission to turn that trend around.

Since we’re not all based in the UK and able to enjoy a traveling cheese sandwich truck, we’ll have to raise awareness on our own. If you want something that will take you back to your childhood, maybe test out an Apple, Cheddar, and Tuna Melt. The Granny Smith apple will complement the aged cheddar perfectly and open your eyes to power of the cheese sandwich. For something totally different, test out a ricotta cheese sandwich called the Sal e Pepe Grilled Cheese, with Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta and sea salt flakes.

The important thing is that we all do our part in raising awareness. And if that means eating more cheese sandwiches… well, someone’s got to do it.

Feature Photo Credit: Anchor Dairy and Shutterstock

Jacqueline Roman

Jacqueline Roman is an Emerson student in Boston who never misses an opportunity to make a cheese pun and utilizes her social media accounts to post pictures of her pride and joy: cheeseboards. She has other interests but does not brie-lieve they are as gouda.