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Beer and Cheddar Soup

If you’re watching the Super Bowl this weekend, chances are you’ll want some indulgent food on hand. Why not combine two gameday standards– beer and cheese– into one satisfying and delicious soup? Pilsner beer and mild cheddar combine to create a creamy and complex soup that’s hearty but not too rich, while fennel-dusted popcorn, standing in here for the usual croutons, take the dish to a whole new level of tastiness. You’ll want to keep this dish in your repertoire far beyond game day.

There are football games, and then there is The Football Game. Whether you keep up with the team stats or not, one thing is for certain: If you’re headed to a Super Bowl party, there will be food. This year, combine two game-day mainstays into one main-dish soup. Pilsner beer and mild cheddar cheese blend seamlessly to form a soup that’s creamy and complex, without being so rich that you can’t stomach the rest of the Super Bowl spread. Game on.

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Jesi Dunaway

Jesi Dunaway is an Alabama native currently working as a cheesemonger and food writer in Boston.