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Behind the Label: Caveman Blue

Yeti, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman—for a creature spotted so infrequently, Bigfoot’s names are a dime a dozen. In Grants Pass, Oregon, locals inspired by southern Oregon’s extensive cave system have historically preferred the name “Caveman,” frequently portraying the fabled humanoid in costume at city events. Embracing the local folklore, early 20th century dairy factory Rogue Gold featured a lumbering caveman as their emblem. A century later, when it came time for the modern-day Rogue Creamery to name their cave-aged, mold-riddled blue, the choice was easy: Caveman Blue.

Complete with bristly lettering, stalactites, cave drawings, and of course, a woolly caveman, the label reflects the “unique, distinctive, and quirky cheese” underneath, explains Marguerite Merritt, Marketing Manager at Rogue Creamery. Merritt says the label has essentially remained the same since 2004, with new awards and certification updates over the years. Foremost among these changes has been the addition of certified organic and Oregon B Corp seals: While Rogue has long been inspired by a sense of place, the creamery earn edits B Corp status in 2016.“Being a B Corporation is all about sustainability and using [our] business to build a better future,” says Merritt. “The culture of Oregon is distinctively artisan, and this label is a great example of how many Oregon makers are opting for character, personality, and authenticity in their branding.”

When asked how the creamery’s win at the 2019 World Cheese Awards will affect their labels going forward, Merritt says, “We’ll continue to innovate and experiment.” She assures fans that Rogue’s designs will always celebrate “the character of our cheese, our place in Southern Oregon, and our mission: sustainability, service, and the art and tradition [of cheesemaking].”

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