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Bloomy Rind Cheese 101

Ever wondered about the differences between your favorite brie and your friend’s beloved bloomy rind cheese? Well, they’re actually few and far between––all bloomy rind cheeses are from the same family, and follow the same ripening process, growing a thin layer of mold and yeast on the rind. However, butterfat content, salting, and milk type can vary — bloomy rinds come in double-crémestriple-crémes and more. Learn more about bloomy rind cheeses by visiting our cheese library, and exploring the Serious Eats style profile linked below.

What I’ve said before about other types of cheese (and will say again and again because it’s what makes cheese so neat) is that within this one style there is a considerable spectrum of flavor and intensity. You may like one end of the spectrum and hate the other. Even more vexingly for the cheese newbie, both ends of the spectrum are occupied by cheese called Brie.

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Nick D'Errico

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