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Cheese Closing In on Wisconsin’s “State Dairy Product” Title

Wisconsin cheese

The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would designate cheese as the state’s official dairy product. With the full backing of Wisconsin’s Legislature (the Assembly already passed the measure unanimously in April), Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign it into law soon.

It may be surprising to many that curds didn’t already have some sort of legitimate recognition in America’s Dairyland. After all, Wisconsin produces more than 3 billion pounds of cheese each year (more than any other state), and it has a long list of state symbols, including the badger (the state animal), milk (the state beverage), and the dairy cow (the state domestic animal). 

The idea first came about by fourth graders in Mineral Point, Wis., after realizing that Wisconsin’s beloved food was devoid of distinction. They put together a presentation for State Sen. Howard Marklein and Rep. Todd Novak, who ultimately drafted a bill and brought it before the state legislature. Read more about the backstory here.

Finally, something that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle can agree on.

Alyssa Kim

Alyssa is culture's former Web Editor. Raised in Mass., she's excited to be back in her home state after six years of working in journalism and TV production in NYC.