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Cheese For a Crowd: How Much Should You Buy?

Serving cheese on Turkey Day, but don’t know how much to buy? Read on for the secret cheese formula that’ll leave both your guests (and your pocketbook) satisfied. 

You know your crowd, so if they’re big cheese eaters, round up. If they’re not, or you’re serving lots of other things, round down. Similarly, if you’re planning for five cheeses, round down. Two cheeses, round up. Any more than five cheeses will just get lost in the shuffle, and even five is pushing it.

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Vanessa Lyons

Vanessa was an online editorial intern at culture. She grew up in New Hampshire enjoying her mother’s glorious cooking, which ignited a zeal for tasty cuisine. A stint at a specialty food and wine store only elevated this desire, specifically for cheese and any of its fermented accompaniments. When not attempting to bolster her cheese knowledge, she escaped to coastal Maine or locked herself in her bedroom to read Game of Thrones.