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Cheese Lovers Tea Towel Set

Blogger Madame Fromage and shop-owner/artist Sara Selepouchin have teamed up to create the next item you need in your kitchen: cheese-inspired tea towels! Equally as perfect for cleaning up after a wine-and-cheese night as for displaying on the wall, these towels are adorned with cheese-tastic designs, like cheese knives and pairing ideas. 

So why a cheese lovers’ tea towel gift set?

Sara loves to draw diagrams. With her background in architecture, this early etsy adopter has created a much-loved line of 100% cotton towels that feature annotated illustrations. I fell in love with her work when I saw it at a street festival several years ago, and I have gifted her hand-printed house wares to many friends. Creating a set of cheese towels together supported my love of building dairy literacy.

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Photo by Madame Fromage

Julia Domenicucci

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