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Creamy Burrata

burrata with fresh tomatoes

Burrata is one of the more photogenic cheeses, in our humble opinion. As part of the pasta filata family, it has the soft, stretchy texture of fresh mozzarella. But unlike mozzarella, burrata forms a hollow pocket as it’s made—and that’s where the magic happens. The hole is stuffed with cream or uncooked curds (or often both) and the cheese is tied off like a delicious present. The filling continues to ferment, giving it a tangier flavor than the surrounding cheese pouch.

Because of it’s smooth and creamy texture, burrata makes a beautiful melting cheese. Running to the Kitchen recently featured an open-faced peach, bacon, and burrata quesadilla, which looks as good as it must taste. Blogger Gina raves:

Burrata may be my all time favorite cheese. I thought I knew love when I tasted fresh (still warm!) mozzarella right out of the big pail it was made in at Eataly in Turin, Italy a couple of summers ago but no, burrata beats that. You think it’s like mozzarella from the outside but then the inside reveals this creamy, ricotta texture and you’re done for with the first bite.

Want more ideas on what to do with this special cheese? Try stuffing it in meatballs for what may be the best meatball sub you’ve ever had. Or top burrata with fresh berries, honey, and balsamic vinegar for an unexpected breakfast or dessert. Or best yet, let burrata be the main course and pair it with simple roasted asparagus and lime oil

For a truly unique dish, make your own burrata. Learn how in our summer issue!

Photo of burrata and fresh tomatoes by Compfight

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