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Croissant Ice Cream Sundaes with Red Wine Hot Fudge

An ice cream sundae is an ice cream sundae is an ice cream sundae, right? Not when your ice cream sundae is made with DIY red wine hot fudge and buttery, fried croissants. Get this decadent recipe from How Sweet Eats below.

I didn’t really think that croissants could get any better (well, aside from the occasional stuffing with chocolate thing) but… I was wrong.

Because apparently you can fry them in butter. And make them crispy.

Get the recipe on How Sweet Eats

Photo by How Sweet Eats

Rebecca Haley-Park

Rebecca Haley-Park is culture's Editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she holds a BFA in creative writing from University of Maine at Farmington.