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DIY Preserved Parmesan Cheese

powdered parmesan in jar atop wooden cutting board with handle

The snowy stuff from a can doesn’t come close to homemade. DIY preserved Parmesan cheese has a more intense flavor, perfect for dusting on pasta, pizza or into the palm of your hand.

When I was a child I thought ‘Parmesan cheese’ was something that came out of a tube as a dried powder. Later in life I would discover the authentic product and swore off the powder. Until I made it myself.

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Photo by Well Preserved

Amanda Furrer

Amanda is a BU gastronomy grad who is still getting used to repeating herself when people ask what she's studying. Although it took her longer than the average human to like all kinds of cheese besides the gooey stuff on pizza, Amanda is now proud to be a gorgonzola lover, brie bandwagoner, and pumpkin cheesecake baker.