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DIY Wensleydale with Cranberries

There’s nothing better than a good DIY cheese recipe and this Wensleydale with Cranberries is a perfect winter treat. Start it this weekend and you’ll be enjoying this crumbly, tangy cheese by Valentine’s Day.

As with my other homemade cheeses I cannot really call this a Wensleydale as it was not made in Yorkshire and I’m not sure it would pass the test with Wallace and Grommet but I hope the resulting cheese is somewhere close.  I enjoyed it and it is another cheese to add to my collections of favourites… It’s getting harder and harder to narrow it down to just one.

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Amy Scheuerman

Amy Scheuerman—culture's former web director—spent eight years in North Carolina where she developed a love of barbecue and biscuits before moving up north to get a degree in nutrition. She now works at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.