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Dominique Ansel’s Beautiful Burrata Ice Cream

On June 5th, sweet-treat-cronut-mastermind Dominique Ansel will debut a new (we think winning) combination: burrata and ice cream. And not just regular, old, standard ice cream but the light and airy goodness that is soft-serve.

Through a window at his Dominic Ansel Kitchen, he will be set up for summer with the burrata soft-serve, drizzled with balsamic caramel, topped with microbasil and gently swirled in a homemade (of course) honey tuile cone with a whole confit strawberry. Umm, he had me at “burrata” but okay, I’ll take the rest too!

For those not so keen on the cheese (who are you? do you really exist?), he also has a Gianduja flavor—a chocolate-hazelnutty kind of thing served with salted-hazelnut brittle, orange mist (like for real, mist out of a spray bottle), and sea salt.

So where do these ideas come from? Necessity, of course!

About his new soft-serve creations, Dominique says, “I really love the texture of soft serve, but I always wished it had more flavor.” Specifically about the burrata, he continues, “We came up with burrata because we wanted a vanilla alternative that was creamier and less sweet. It works really well cold with that tanginess from the balsamic caramel.”

Mmmhmm. Cheese is the best alternative to vanilla we’ve ever heard of.

If you happen to be in the West Village and have $7 and probably a lot of time to spare, check out what could be the next big Dominique Ansel thing!

Or, just watch this and try not to drool all over your computer.

Feature Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Amy Fukuizumi

Amy loves few things more than writing and cheese. As a testament to these loves, she drove across the country to join culture: the word on cheese. Her goal as Social Media Manager is to make the world (digitally) feel this love (and 'Like' it a lot).