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Get Sauced: Six Cheese Dips for Your Superbowl Party

If the holiest rule of a Superbowl party is “thou shalt have a titanic TV,” the second is surely “thou shalt serve ridiculously decadent snacks.” Whip up this flight of cheesy dips and you can cross the latter of your to-do list; unfortunately, we can’t help you with your TV dilemma. Giving classics a twist (see: Taco Queso dip) and creating new food groups all together (Philly Cheesesteak dip, anyone?), your guests are gauranteed to find something that tickles their fancy.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for Super Bowl-friendly sauces to try out for Sauced. But after making a green chili queso a couple weeks back, I’ve been able to think of nothing other than cheese dips. So when Kenji asked if I’d like to do pull together five more quesos, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Photo by Joshua Bousel

Alicia Hahn

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