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Goat Cheese Bacon Pops

These delectable little pops will disappear from party platters! Great for a little bash and easy to make, the goat cheese bacon pops could go well with an apple slice, or be eaten as is. The goat cheese provides a springy flavor, and the crispy bacon…well, let’s be real. Everything’s better with bacon.

Oh yes. All the cuteness of a cake pop, all the fun of an easy appetizer, and it’s all wrapped up in bacon. These little bacon and goat cheese pops were inspired by these very popular cake pops, Elizabeth’s wonderful bacon-wrapped potato bites, and these goat cheese balls from Neiman-Marcus.

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Photo by Faith Durand

Amanda Furrer

Amanda is a BU gastronomy grad who is still getting used to repeating herself when people ask what she's studying. Although it took her longer than the average human to like all kinds of cheese besides the gooey stuff on pizza, Amanda is now proud to be a gorgonzola lover, brie bandwagoner, and pumpkin cheesecake baker.