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The Growing World of Canadian Cheese

Recently, the very first Canadian Cheese Awards were held at the St. Lawrence Market. While there are some solid cheese standbys from the northern country, many Canadians feel there is room for improvement, reports The Globe and Mail. As for us here at culture, we can’t wait to see what cheeses come out of Canada next!

In Canada, we are getting there and we have our classics: Monforte Toscano, Avonlea Clothbound, Grey Owl and Mont-Jacob. Cheeses that deliver what you expect, satisfying as treating yourself to your favourite Chianti. But we also have cheeses that vary too much from one batch to another – from one market weekend to the next – and perhaps cheese makers who try to make too many styles of cheese before perfecting one. There are economic reasons (even need) for diversifying your products, but cheese making is a science and an art that takes time to master.

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Julia Domenicucci

Julia Domenicucci is an online editorial intern for culture who loves to try new foods almost as much as she loves trying new books. Born just outside of Boston and now attending school in the heart of it, Julia has come to really love the city, its art museums, and all the restaurants in the North End.