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Happy National Moldy Cheese Day!

Happy National Moldy Cheese Day! October 9 feels like Christmas morning for stinky cheese lovers. Only the diehard fanatics among us know that this glorious day for celebrating edible mold officially exists, and we’re so glad that it does. We’ll take any excuse for a cheese feast, and now that National Cheeseburger Day on September 18 has come and gone, and National Cheese Lover’s Day isn’t until January 20, we feared that we were facing a cheesy dry spell.

National Moldy Cheese Day is a time for breaking out the best and ripest. Naturally, the first cheese that comes to mind for a celebratory moldy cheese platter would be the “blue-tiful” veins of a classic blue cheese. Varieties like Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and Stilton are on a pedestal of timelessness, and have been a favorite among cheese lovers for centuries. We have to admit that it’s a major mystery why the first blue cheese eater dared to sample an extremely moldy looking cheese, but hey, we’re not complaining!

While blues are the obvious (yet undeniably delicious) moldy cheese, another excellent addition any October 9th cheeseboard would be a lovely Camembert or Brie. These surface-ripened cheeses are known for their bloomy rinds and ooey gooey textures. Visually, their moldy nature is far less intimidating than the blues’, and those who are new to the cheese world might be more inclined to give this type of mold a try as a stepping stone into more aggressive moldy flavors.

Of course, even the strongest of blues look mild next to the totally funky (and totally illegal in the US) Casu Marzu, a Sardinian cheese that is known for festering with maggots. We like to think of cheese as being a living food, but this wriggling cheese might be a little bit too alive for most of us. While you can’t get your hands on any Casu Marzu in America, or in many parts of Europe for that matter, it might be fun to give your mold-fearing friends a harmless ultimatum, “Try this fantastic Roquefort…or I could always break out the maggot cheese!”

However you get your kicks on National Moldy Cheese Day, make sure you save room for seconds with some fantastic moldy cheese recipes. Try pairing blue cheese with pineapple, or maybe roasted grapes with Brie!

Emily Dangler

Culture Intern Emily Dangler is a creative writer and travel enthusiast, who is always looking for a good story to tell. Originally a West Coast girl, Emily has spent several years migrating across the country and is currently an adopted resident of Boston, where she is enjoying the city's delicious food and rich history.