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Infographic: European Raw Milk Cheese in the USA

While the city of Boston is prepping for Marathon Monday and perhaps less hardcore people are getting ready for a run-of-the-mill, chill afternoon, today we are pretty jazzed for a lesser known but equally awesome holiday: Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. (Stop by the Oldways Cheese Coalition for more details.) In honor for our favorite dairy digs that do not utilize pasteurized milk, we’ve put together a cool little infographic spelling out which of those raw-milk cheeses you absolutely died for on your trip to Europe that you’re allowed to bring back.

Spread the raw-milk love, everybody!


Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley is culture's former web editor and never ceases to thank his nameless human ancestor who figured that leaving some milk around for a while and then eating it was probably a great idea. Raised on California’s Central Coast, educated in the Pacific Northwest, and transplanted to New England, Grant likes to write, edit, and code things.

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