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Homemade Pretzels with Real Cheese Sauce

Warm, soft pretzels are indisputably delicious. But pair them with a cheesy dipping sauce? Words can’t even explain. If you’d rather pass on a processed cheese sauce, don’t worry — it’s still possible to have your cheese-dipped pretzels and eat them, too! We’ve found some real recipes that are melt-in-your-mouth madness.

These pretzel bites and spicy cheese sauce from Brown Eyed Baker are sure to be a goal at any World Cup party. The recipe author notes:

“For this dipping sauce, if you prefer to not have a smokey flavor, simply omit the chipotle chiles. If you prefer it to not be spicy, simply omit the chipotle chiles and the jalapeño peppers. It’s perfectly adaptable to individual tastes, so it’s just as easy to create a basic cheese sauce if you’d like.”

And if you love beer to go with your cheese (really, what’s a party without it?), you’ll love this recipe from Cooking and Beer. It’s similar to spicy cheese sauce recipe above, but with the hoppy and subtly citrus flavor of Renegade Brewing’s Redacted Rye IPA. Now you don’t have to bring that six pack to the party–just bring this deliciously flavorful dip! (Ok, maybe bring both).

If you’re a buffalo wing lover, this recipe for buffalo cheese dip and pretzels from Half Baked Harvest is sure to be right up your alley. The sauce is creamy and spicy, and complements the salty, soft pretzels. Dunk away, real cheese loving friends!

Photo by Brown Eyed Baker 


Erica Mixon

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