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How to Make Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt in open jar with silver spoon in it

Greek yogurt is a rich, thick snack that’s high in protein. A great source of calcium, you can eat it as is or mix in berries and honey for a sweet, tart snack. Interested in learning how to make it? Good news, we’ve got a recipe! (Cow not required).

Producing yogurt at home may not be quite as simple as making ice cubes, but it’s not much more complicated than measuring liquid into containers and letting it reach or hold certain temperatures. Ultimately, if you can stir and read a thermometer, you have all the skill needed to culture your own.

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Photo by Molly Sheridan

Amanda Furrer

Amanda is a BU gastronomy grad who is still getting used to repeating herself when people ask what she's studying. Although it took her longer than the average human to like all kinds of cheese besides the gooey stuff on pizza, Amanda is now proud to be a gorgonzola lover, brie bandwagoner, and pumpkin cheesecake baker.