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How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you want to make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, Marian Bull from Food52 has some suggestions. To achieve prime deliciousness, there are some important factors to consider. Success only comes with textural contrast, perfectly toasted bread, the right cheese for melting, and a hefty amount of butter. Read on for more tips on how to dazzle guests at your next grilled cheese party.

Here is the biggest problem with grilled cheese making: Sometimes your cheese does not melt as quickly as you’d like, so you either get hard, cold cheese surrounded by perfectly golden bread, or melted cheese hiding behind charred, black bread that you then have to scrape into the sink. There is no kitchen sound more shameful than this.

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Vanessa Lyons

Vanessa was an online editorial intern at culture. She grew up in New Hampshire enjoying her mother’s glorious cooking, which ignited a zeal for tasty cuisine. A stint at a specialty food and wine store only elevated this desire, specifically for cheese and any of its fermented accompaniments. When not attempting to bolster her cheese knowledge, she escaped to coastal Maine or locked herself in her bedroom to read Game of Thrones.