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Celebrate National Cheese Day with Cheesy Swag!

News flash: June 4 is, apparently, National Cheese Day. There are slew of strange and somewhat interesting cheese holidays, most of which lack an origin date or background story—but I’ll take any excuse to eat cheese or host a party. (Culture gives the lowdown a few more cheesy holidays here.)

Here’s how Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers with fresh goat cheese?) Then, make your house as cheesy as possible.

The first thing you will need: a comical cheese board. The Northwood Co makes an amazing one, for sale on Etsy.


Once you have a place for your meal, you will probably need some elegant tags to let your party goers know their cheeses—just in case they don’t know their Swiss from their cheddar. Crazyfoxpaper has DIY printable tags for only five dollars.


Maybe you want to spell out for the world your love of blues. Dancing Parrot also makes these cheesy earrings.


Don’t forget the party favors—even adults love a goodie bag. Try UrbanCheeseCraft’s Mini DIY Farmers Cheese Kit so your guests can make their own cheese in only half an hour.


If party planning isn’t your thing, head to your local cheese shop and ask when their next tasting is—check out our Retailer Directory to find the shop nearest you!

Take a little time to embrace fake food holidays, and enjoy the cheese.

Becca McGilloway

Becca McGilloway is currently a senior at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, and Publishing. When she isn't on the hunt for the latest cheese-permeated vegetarian recipe on Pinterest, she's probably binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

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