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A New Take on Gelato

It’s not ice cream, and it’s not sweet, but this parmigiano “gelato” from Morini in New York is a worthy appetizer and conversation starter. Its consistency resembles gelato, but in reality its a mixture of heavy cream and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Though it looks like a hot fudge sundae, this savory dish is meant to be served with crostini before the meal. Get the recipe for this unique dish here! As a bonus, no ice cream maker is required to achieve the elastic texture of gelato.

So, why parmesan? Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of Italian cheese, and its versatility makes it popular in cooking. This cheese has a proud history in Italy and abroad. Its salty, nutty flavors keep you coming back for more, which is why it is a great choice in a savory “gelato” dish, as a topping for many different pastas, or even as the base for broths. 

Ending a meal with an ice cream that falls on the savory side of things is also a great option, if you’re looking for something closer to the traditional. Rosemary Balsamic Parmigiano Ice Cream plays off of Italian flavors, combining sweet balsamic glaze with savory rosemary and salty cheese.  

Though the magic of the parmigiano “gelato” is undeniable, if sweet, cheesy ice cream is what you crave, then we’re here for you. This Caramelized Banana-Blue Ice Cream gets it flavor from crumbled blue cheese and flecks of dark chocolate. Ricotta Ice Cream has a simple, balanced sweetness that turns decadent with summer berries on top. 

Any of these recipes would make a great summer treat, so go try one out — all in the name of flavor experimentation!

Molly Farrar

Molly is a web editorial intern who hails from Virginia, also known as the place with some of best ham in the world, in her humble opinion. She has yet to meet a cheese she does not like. Other interests include drinking craft beer and running, sometimes at the same time.