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Pairing Apple Butter and Cheese

Fall is here: the cooler air has come in, the leaves are golden, and apple butter is on my mind. Most people equate autumn foods with pumpkin (which is delicious, don’t get me wrong), but in my opinion it pales in comparison to the versatility and deliciousness of apple butter. The best part? Apple butter is the perfect cheesy companion. 

Essentially, apple butter is just really excellent, dressed up apple sauce. And if that sounds easy to make at home, you’re right — all you need are apples, sugar, spices, and a slow cooker. Truly, the hardest part is smelling it while waiting for it to finish cooking! Once you’ve whipped up a batch of apple butter (or nabbed some from the store or farmers’ market), try pairing it with cheese for an addictive seasonal snack. Find some of my favorite ideas below.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Delaney

Looking for a sweet and salty snack? Try these Apple Butter Cheddar Cheese Puffs by Southern Living. Perfect for after school or before the football game, these cheese puffs are sure to please young and old alike.

Photo Credit: Food Network

What is a sandwich without its condiments? And make no mistake, apple butter is indeed a condiment — and a delectable seasonal one, at that. This Grilled Turkey, Brie and Apple Butter Sandwich recipe from Tyler Florence combines the comforting, ooey-gooiness of grilled cheese with the autumnal sweetness of apple butter. 

amh9497Photo Credit: Austin ModHouse

And finally, perhaps the most simple and delicious way to pair apple butter and cheese: slap ’em both on a cheese board. Apple butter makes a great seasonal stand-in for jam or even honey. Since it’s sweet, apple butter can pair with many different kinds of cheeses — try your favorites and see what works best. If you need some suggestions to begin, try a sharp cheddar, an oozy brie, or a tangy chèvre. Wherever your cheesy tastes fall (sorry, couldn’t resist), be sure to have some apple butter on hand to make it even better. 

Featured Photo Credit: The Daring Gourmet 

Virginia Hyde

Virginia Hyde is a southern girl at heart who just moved to Boston to submerge herself in food - mainly cheese, to be honest. Game for any food-related adventure, festival, or gathering, she is ready to share her passion for cheese with others. Virginia is currently working on a Masters in Gastronomy at Boston University.

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