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Post-Halloween Cheese Snacks

Halloween has played its annual trick on us again. We’ve indulged in so many sugary treats, that even the sight of candy wrappers gives us a tooth ache. So, what’s the best way to cure the weekend’s sugar-high? Savory, healthy cheese snacks, of course! Cheese has the unfair reputation of being a totally indulgent and unhealthy food. And while you should always be mindful of the saturate fat that is found in cheese, you would be doing your body (and your taste buds) a disservice by cutting cheese out of your diet altogether! In fact, cheese is an excellent source of bone-building calcium and energy-sustaining protein, making it a super snacking ingredient, particularly when combined with hearty veggies. Try these delicious and nutritious savory snack recipes, and beat that Halloween hangover!

Photo Credit: sparkpeople.com

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of sparkpeople.com

Cottage cheese is a great dairy product to use because it can easily take on the flavor of other ingredients while still retaining its own nutritional value. If you’re a tomato lover, try hollowing out a handful of cherry tomatoes and fill each one with cottage cheese. Top with chopped chives, and your mid-morning snack is complete!

Photo Credit: damndelicious.com

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of damndelicious.net

Queso dip from a jar has been the downfall of many Game Day party guests. Fortunately, it’s easy to make homemade queso dip for those times that you have a spicy melted cheese craving. This recipe for skinny queso calls for lots of fresh ingredients, shredded low-fat cheddar, and unsweetened coconut milk. For an extra healthy crunch, forgo the tortilla chips and scoop the queso with veggie spears like carrots, celery, and bell peppers!

Photo Credit: theartofsimple.net

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of theartofsimple.net

Endives add a satisfying crunch in place of traditional crackers. The boat-shape leaves makes them perfect for scooping or filling, and endives taste especially delicious with a little bit of blue cheese. Add other toppings like walnuts, pears, or dill to enhance the overall flavor.

Photo Credit: womenshealthmag.com

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of womenshealthmag.com

Perhaps you’re popcorn person, rather than the cracker kind. Parmesan, black pepper, and a touch of lemon are a simple yet healthy way to give new life to your plain popcorn. Who needs melted butter when you can enjoy your popcorn with  grated Parmesan?

Photo Credit: bonappetit.com

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of bonappetit.com

Radishes aren’t usually the go-to veggie of choice for most people, but these little ruby-red gems provide a whole host of valuable health benefits. Add creamy ricotta to this simple radish salad to cut through the spice.

Photo Credit: eatliverun.com

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of eatliverun.com

This barbecue chickpea pizza looks gouda enough to eat! The addition of shredded goat’s milk gouda gives a nutty flavor to such an uncommon pizza recipe. Eating shredded cheese is also an excellent way of controlling how much dairy you are consuming at any given time; a little shredded cheese goes a long way!

Photo Credit: Featured image courtesy of bedifferentactnormal.com

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