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The 12 Wackiest New Ice Cream Flavors

People love ice cream almost as much as they love inventing crazy new flavors of it. Häagen Daz Japan’s announcement of veggie versions of our favorite dairy dessert is only the latest in a new trend. Countless unusual ice cream flavors have cropped up this year, from soy sauce with wasabi to Oregon Fir. Which one would you like to try?

Häagen Daz Japan will debut two vegetable flavors, Carrot Orange and Cherry Tomato, on May 12. Here’s a glimpse at other wacky new ice cream flavors that have been publicized worldwide so far in 2014.


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Julia Domenicucci

Julia Domenicucci is an online editorial intern for culture who loves to try new foods almost as much as she loves trying new books. Born just outside of Boston and now attending school in the heart of it, Julia has come to really love the city, its art museums, and all the restaurants in the North End.