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Video: How Parmigiano Reggiano is Made

We’re pretty crazy about Parmigiano Reggiano here at the culture office. Intern Nick waxed poetic about the “king of Italian cheese” in his Italian cheese blog series. We’ve written about the art that is parmesan’s PDO rind. We’ve even revealed the trick to cracking into the behemoth 80 pound wheels that parmesan is produced in. But now, we’re bringing you the greatest secret of them all: how Parmigiano Reggiano is produced.

First We Feast recently shared a video of the process, made by Potluck Video (who are, as First We Feast points out, the same people that brought us the viral video of ramen noodles being made). In the parm video, Hombre Farm owner Giovanni walks us through the process of making the revered cheese, first explaining that “parmesan is a passion.” (We’re with you on that, Giovanni!) The 500-cow organic farm makes only 12 wheels a day, which are aged for three years before being shipped off to sell. According to Giovanni, the process is simple: “There aren’t any kinds of secrets because the way to produce cheese is the same for hundreds of centuries.”

Check out the full video below. We don’t know about you, but seeing the passion and patience behind each cheese certainly makes us appreciate dependable parmesan all the more.

Photo by alephoto85 via Compfight

Alicia Hahn

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