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Where Are You Getting Your Pizza?

Pizza is a good time, anytime. Period. And really, pizza will taste good from anywhere—a local pizzeria, a grocery store freezer, fresh from your own oven—but if you feel like mixing it up, check out these few unique places you can also get a pizza.

Cloud 9: Fiji

Photo Credit: Tor Johnson, Cloud 9

Photo Credit: Tor Johnson, Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only two-story floating lounge bar and restaurant. It also happens to have an Italian Wood Fire Pizzeria. Cloud 9 can be reached by boat from the main island of Fiji in about 45 minutes. Endless ocean + pizza. The end.

Let’s Pizza: Various Locations in Italy & the UK

Let's Pizza Vending Machine

Photo Credit: Let’s Pizza via CalorieLab

If the clear blue ocean (or trekking to Fiji) isn’t your thing but you happen to be in Italy (and you’re tired of their other pizzas), Let’s Pizza might be right up your alley (literally)! The world’s first pizza vending machine will get you a fresh baked pizza in 3 minutes. It claims to knead, bake, and top a pizza with only the push of a button. Fast, fast food!

Dominos: Japan, The Moon

Dominos Japan Moon Branch Restaurant

Photo Credit: Dominos via The Register

Now on the other hand, if you’re really willing to go great lengths for your pizza, Dominos Japan once had plans to open a branch on the moon. The real moon, in outer space. Sadly (or not), this $21.7 billion project may not have been totally serious but if people are getting serious about buying property on the moon, a Dominos may need to revisit this way out-of-the-box idea.

Amy Fukuizumi

Amy loves few things more than writing and cheese. As a testament to these loves, she drove across the country to join culture: the word on cheese. Her goal as Social Media Manager is to make the world (digitally) feel this love (and 'Like' it a lot).