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Whipped Cauliflower with Crème Fraîche

Searching for a healthful (but still delicious) holiday dish? Nealey Dozier from The Kitchn suggests giving whipped cauliflower with crème fraîche a whirl. You’ll be so smitten, you may just leave those mashed potatoes behind. 

I’ve been wanting to develop a lightened-up recipe to counteract all of the butter-laden dishes I’ve been consuming, but I am not one who is willing to sacrifice flavor in an attempt to “cut back.” (I’d rather just eat less of the real stuff!) Thankfully this recipe doesn’t skimp on heavenly taste or texture. Heck, if you don’t tell anyone it’s virtuous, nobody will be the wiser.

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Photo by The Kitchn 

Vanessa Lyons

Vanessa was an online editorial intern at culture. She grew up in New Hampshire enjoying her mother’s glorious cooking, which ignited a zeal for tasty cuisine. A stint at a specialty food and wine store only elevated this desire, specifically for cheese and any of its fermented accompaniments. When not attempting to bolster her cheese knowledge, she escaped to coastal Maine or locked herself in her bedroom to read Game of Thrones.