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Why You Should Be Eating Those Cheese Rinds

While not all cheese rinds can be eaten (a general good practice is to avoid rinds made of not-so-edible things like wax, cloth, or foil), many add a little something extra to the cheese’s flavor and the eating experience. This article from Yahoo Food lists several cheeses with delectable rinds. If you’ve been avoiding cheese rinds until now, pick one of these up and give it a go!

The rind: like the delicious cheese you love, only more so. There are bloomy rinds, washed rinds, blue cheese rinds, and ash rinds out there, all waiting for some affection.

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Julia Domenicucci

Julia Domenicucci is an online editorial intern for culture who loves to try new foods almost as much as she loves trying new books. Born just outside of Boston and now attending school in the heart of it, Julia has come to really love the city, its art museums, and all the restaurants in the North End.